Suggested Reading list compiled by our members (in no particular order)


Michael R. Meyer A Handbook for Humanistic Astrologers

Alan Oken  Complete Astrology

Alan Oken Soul Centered Astrology*

Melanie Rhinehart Chiron the Healing Journey

Demetra George Astrology for Yourself *

Demetra George Asteroid Goddesses

Dane Rudhyar The Lunation Cycle*

Dane Rudhyar An Astrological Mandala

Richard Tarnas Cosmos and Psyche

Jeffrey Wolf Green Pluto Volumes 1 & 2*

Patricia Walsh Understanding Karmic Complexes

Rose Marcus Insights into Evolutionary Astrology

Erin Sullivan Retrograde Planets

Steven Forrest The Inner Sky*

Liz Greene Mythic Astrology*

Liz Greene Astrology of Fate

LIz Greene & Howard Sasportas The Inner Planets

Stephen Arroyo Astrology, Karma and Transformation

Marc Edmund Jones The Sabian Symbols and Astrology

Robert Carl Jansky Astrology, Nutrition, and Health

John Filbey and Peter Filbey Astronomy for Astrologers

Jim Lewis and Kenneth Irving The Psychology of Astro-Cartography

Noel Tyl*


* Anything by this author


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