Are you interested in talking and learning about astrology or want to share your astrological wisdom? Join us! We welcome dedicated, astrologically minded individuals to help build our new local NCGR Chapter here in Santa Fe.


The National Council for Geocosmic Research, Inc., (NCGR) is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising the standards of astrological education and research. Along with its U.S. membership it includes a growing number of international members and sponsors 30+ local Chapters in 20 U.S. states and 4 countries. Its Special Interest Groups (SIGs) foster dialog on various astrological specialties and its online education and educational conference bring astrologers from around the world together to grow and to learn together. Our sister organization, NCGR-PAA, allows students to leverage their astrological education into professional certification. We welcome new members - click here and join us today!

We meet the 1st Tuesday of each month from 6:00 to 8:00 pm. The first 30 minutes are available as a  beginners workshop. In order to join the chapter you must be a member of NCGR, however you are welcome to come join us for a meeting to see if this if this is for you. If you would like more information please contact one of our officers:

For more information please contact:


Michael Bartlett 505-690-3860

Vice President:

Daniel Fiverson 505-930-2748

coming in september!

Public Talk and Workshop

"Daimon: Guiding Star of the Soul" with Gray Crawford and June Rose Trimbach

In this two-day workshop we will be learning about the ancient spiritual concept of the guardian daimon, also known as the guardian angel or guiding star. The guardian daimon watches over a life and guides us to fulfill our life purpose. In the Friday night lecture we will learn about the rich background of the daimon from antiquity to modern times, and consider why it is meaningful in astrology.


The Saturday workshop will begin with an in-depth look at some of our favorite techniques for exploring the daimon in a natal chart, drawing upon an ancient lineage of astrological thought. We will also discuss how you can encounter the guardian daimon directly through theurgy, which can be translated as ‘gods working through you’. We will open ourselves to the experience of theurgy through a ceremony of guided visualization with intention to commune with one's daimon. There will be plenty of time to share, reflect and explore these ideas within your own chart. Please bring a copy of your natal chart, a notebook, non-messy art supplies. It is also optional to bring bio-degradable offerings for the spirits (flowers, grains, stones, natural beads, simple food without strong odor, etc).

Gray Crawford enjoys exploring the connections between the stories of our lives with the cycles of astrology. Gray uses the living symbolism of astrology to foster self-awareness and provide guidance centered around the soulful purpose felt within. Gray draws from diverse astrological lineages including the hermeticism of Hellenistic astrology and the depth psychological approach of Dane Rudhyar.  Gray

lives with his family in Olympia, WA where he serves as a social worker and practices astrology.  Gray regularly publishes astrology articles on his website

June Rose Trimbach is an astrologer and ceremonial healer living in Olympia, WA.  As a student of ancient astrology, divination, neo-shamanic healing and oracular mediumship, her intention is to witness,  awaken, and restore the depths of the soul. June teaches classes on astrology,  offers readings and healing work for individuals,

creates a weekly astrological forecast show called Celestial Weather, and hosts community High Seat ceremonies with Seattle Seidr. Her website is

"Daimon: Guiding Star of the Soul" Lecture Date: Friday September 14th, 2018 Place: La Puerta de la Luna 546 Harkle Rd Santa Fe Time: 6:30-8:30 pm Cost: $10 NCGR Members $15 non-members Workshop Date: Saturday September 15th, 2018 Place: La Puerta de la Luna 546 Harkle Rd Santa Fe Time: 10am - 4 pm (BYO lunch) Cost: $45 NCGR members $65 non-members
Daimon: Guiding Star of the Soul

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