Are you interested in talking and learning about astrology or want to share your astrological wisdom? We welcome dedicated, astrologically minded individuals to help build our new local NCGR Chapter here in Santa Fe.


The National Council for Geocosmic Research, Inc., (NCGR) is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising the standards of astrological education and research. Along with its U.S. membership it includes a growing number of international members and sponsors 30+ local Chapters in 20 U.S. states and 4 countries. Its Special Interest Groups (SIGs) foster dialog on various astrological specialties and its online education and educational conference bring astrologers from around the world together to grow and to learn together. Our sister organization, NCGR-PAA, allows students to leverage their astrological education into professional certification. We welcome new members - click here and join us today!

We meet the 1st Tuesday of each month from 6:00 to 8:00 pm. The first 30 minutes are available as a  beginners workshop. In order to join the chapter you must be a member of NCGR, however you are welcome to come join us for a meeting to see if this if this is for you. If you would like more information please contact one of our officers:


Michael Bartlett 505-690-3860

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Daniel Fiverson 505-930-2748


Judith Carr


Bryan Stuppy 505-930-4550

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February 7th

"Perspectives on 2017"


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Astrology: Ecopsychology of the Night

Interview with Jason Holley by Rene Tricou

What got you into astrology?

I grew up in an astrologically fluent family. Not professional astrologers, but people who knew their moon signs and enough about their charts. When I was born, my chart was done by our neighborhood astrologer. In a way, I was born into it. I didn’t get into it in a deep way until about the age of thirteen. My family did stuff like this and was also Christian fundamentalist. So, they did not quite know how to reconcile it, as it was quite more

Lifting the Veil of Astrology

By Michael Bartlett

I have always been moved by the "Flammarion Engraving." There is something about lifting up the proverbial veil and be able to look into the heavens and understand our interconnectedness. How can you lift the veil and see beyond? How do you embody that which resides in the heavens? Astrology gives us the tools and the means to lift the veil and understand our interconnected relationship with the planets and stars as well as one another.

Living astrology is about understanding your personal experience of the planets. Someone with a water moon (a moon found in Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces) is likely to feel more empathic to an injured person (or animal) than say someone who has an air moon (a moon found in Gemini, Libra or Aquarius) who would be more likely to talk about the injury than be empathic with the injured being.


The truth is you are already living your planets whether you are aware of it or not. From how you shine out into the world (Sun), how you feel and nurture (Moon), communicate with those around you (Mercury), to your values and what you value (Venus), how you drive yourself in life (Mars), how you handle the larger picture or bigger ideas/philosophies (Jupiter), how you structure (Saturn), how you are the rebel or agent of change (Uranus), the ways in which you are wounded or the healer/educator (Chiron), your dreams, ideals or escape (Neptune), how you experience or act with power, transformation, life/death (Pluto).


Understanding the characteristics of each of these planets can give you a better understanding of how they operate in your life. They can also help you to understand other people’s ways of being. If you have your Mercury in Capricorn your communication style is going to be very different than your friend who has Mercury in Cancer. Capricorn will give the flavor of the start of winter: cool, clipped, efficient, maybe even authoritative, whereas Cancer will give the flavor of the start of summer: warm, nurturing, feeling, available. Without knowing that we have these differing ways to communicate, we, personally and collectively, vilify or praise each style to varying degrees. We must remember that each of the 12 astrological styles is equally valuable; one has no more value than another and no less than another.


While how you communicate is just one part of you, knowing where your Mercury is located can help you be more conscious about your particular communication style. Knowledge gives you the power to work with it constructively and consciously rather than it working you unconsciously.


The map of each planet’s particular placement in the heavens at the time of your birth (your natal chart) can provide you with the map to reach the destination your soul intended you to reach this lifetime. The natal chart does not reveal your level of consciousness, but it can tell you the challenges, gifts, support, weaknesses and strengths you were given at the moment of your birth--for better and for worse. Lift the veil of unconsciousness and bring your conscious awareness to how you use these energies that are available to you.

Michael Bartlett brings a well rounded and grounded exoteric and esoteric astrological understanding blended with a deeply intuitive and insightful nature to his readings and teachings. His background in Core Energetics gives him the ability to help clients look at, process and resolve their issues.


Michael co-created AstroTheatre AstroCards (available for Apple and Android) an app which represents astrology in a visual manner. His new book: Astrological Mavericks: Do you have what it takes to change the world? looks at the impact of planets on the angles. Michael offers on-line webinars in collaboration with Alan Oken. Please visit his website at

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